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The Daisy Vase changes our casual relationship to this hugely produced item into a personal and sometimes fragile experience. Made from ballpoint pens these little vases are hand blow-molded by Jim. As the plastic becomes flexible it stretches allowing the vase to sit naturally.
Daisy Vase measures 5"x2"x4" and is made from a bic(tm) pen.
Project Details:
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Production giffin'termeer, limited production

Exhibition Nest: Tweed Natuur, 2008, CBK Apeldoorn, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Pop-up-shop Virtual Greenhouse: Nature and Artifice, Superstore 04, 20-21 Jan. 2008, Modefabriek, Amsterdam

Exhibition Altoids Living Spaces 2005, Brooklyn, New York

Exhibition Designboom Mart 2005, International Contemporary Furniture Fair, NYC and 100% Design, Tokyo

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